Let’s start this off.

First post, no theme, first year of college, it’s going to be awkward. Never blogged before, but we’ll give it a go, eh?

Do we start off with introductions? I guess I do.

First off, my name is Leo, I go to Saginaw Valley State, I’m 18 as of writing this, and have no clue at all what I’m doing. I just spent the last 4 hours re-typing up my rough draft, and believe me, it was as much fun as you think it was.

Blogs to me, have been places where people go to dump all their feelings and emotions in a sort of virtual diary that not many people care about, let alone read. Mine is no different. I will come onto here and just gripe and bitch and moan about anything and everything that’s going on in my life currently.

So really, this is of no use to anyone but me. If you do, however, enjoy listening to a tall, fat, Hispanic man gripe about how terrible and fucked up the world is, then by all means, it’s nice of you to be here.

Who am I kidding. I hate you too. You can stay I guess, just be ready for me to say things that aren’t funny and are serious.


Probably not though, I’m just going to be rude and sarcastic, and hopefully some people enjoy this.

I warned you. You can’t blame me if I say things that make you uncomfortable, and I’m not liable if you laugh so hard you piss yourself, that’s your damn fault.

I’m just a fat Hispanic with thoughts in his brain, who’s going to share them whether you like it or not.



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