Well, this is awkward.


Never thought I’d write on here again, did you?


No, probably not. With good reason.

I honestly didn’t think I’d write on here again, and then I looked at the statistics.

And holy shit, people still come here.

Even people from other countries.

It blows my mind that people will come here to read the stupid shit I write and then come back again.

The internet’s crazy man.

The internet has helped keep in contact with people I’ve all but forgotten about. It’s helped me with personal issues I’ve had.

I think the coolest thing the internet has done is let me connect with people I would have otherwise not known were people, you know?

I’ve actually mad a real, genuine friend over the internet!

Not like a weird internet dating site friend, but someone I talk to regularly and who I enjoy and who (I think) enjoys me a little.

Her name is Kate.

I’m only giving you her first name for 2 reasons;

1)This is the internet, and people on the internet are fucking assholes. I’m keeping her identity a some what mystery.

2)Because I don’t actually know any more of her name than Kate. That’s all I know and that’s probably all you’ll ever find out.

Now, I’m going to maybe probably write an entire entry on her soon, so look out for that.

Also, as an update of sorts, I’m out of school so this is being updated by my own free will. And let me tell you, my free will is more like Free Willy and is all over the place (yes I know the joke doesn’t work but I’m rusty give me a fucking break).

I’m going to try to do this like once a week, kind of like the old schedule I had.

I’ll probably write more and more as my life becomes more interesting, but it’s just not right now so don’t expect too much.

Oh, and my sister just got married so congrats big sis.

Alright, see you assholes later.